Chinese girl makeup brand “Flower Know” has recently completed nearly 100 million yuan of round A financing, the investor is Kun Yan Capital, by Qichen Capital as the exclusive financial adviser. After the completion of this round of financing, the overall valuation of Hua is more than RMB 1 billion.

Founded in 2016, Flower knows how to position teenage makeup, and its differentiation comes from the unique style of girly style in product design, as well as the brand’s new frequency six times a year, in 2020 a total of 100 sKU, roI for 10. This year flowers know will continue the positioning of young girls makeup, the introduction of more SKUs, the most recent new products for the “national wind series”, including lipstick, honey powder and other products.

Founder “Baozi” told: “In the previous round of financing in the tone, Flower knows once defined as a niche style, niche brand, the other side believes that the national style is a more universal series.” But in fact, the girl’s heart and the national wind do not conflict, the theme of the girl girl is all-enshaled. ”

Flowers know the new products of the national style

In design, the national wind series is really difficult. Because in recent years the main national wind series of products, “most of the national wind is very rich colors, such as positive red or peacock green as the main vision, the other is the development of ancient poetry, ancient paintings of IP, IP and products combined.” It’s hard for us to differentiate and make users recognize at a glance that this is a product that Flower knows, because without attention, it’s possible to make this line of products into another brand, not a Flower Knows. ”

From the final physical map can be seen, the new series of physical maps selected the lower saturation of the Moranti color system, combined with some traditional elements, such as the state of the national painting peony, orchids, birds and so on. At the same time, the edge of the makeup plate embossed design into white and gold alloy frame, echoing the previous design of the little angel, so that users can feel at a glance “this is the flower know the product.” ”

Another positioning of “no niche” is that flowers know that the main price of the product is between 80-100, is very comfortable for young girls a price segment, while the product has stickiness, the average user will consume about 2 pieces of products at a time, the re-purchase rate of more than 20%.

In the background of last year’s cosmetics product explosion, many brands are doing very painful, one is because consumers see too much, and the other is a lot of new is directly to take the supply chain proposal, on the new is a big “currency”, the need for strong marketing, and one of the characteristics of the Z-era consumers is discerned, not easy to be moved by the currency, it is difficult to just through the flower whistle “pack material” impress.

The buns told 36-year-old that in addition to packaging, the new product’s interior materials have also been replaced by new suppliers. The new round was originally scheduled for March this year, but the new supplier’s raw materials need to be imported, and the turnaround time of the raw materials after the outbreak has been longer, so it was delayed until April. “The formula hasn’t been marketed yet, it’s better to use than the previous ones, so we finally picked them and put off a new rhythm.”

In addition to the products, Flowers is also starting to deploy overseas markets this year. Last year Huasan began to enter the Japanese market, currently stationed in more than 300 cosme-type offline stores, japan as the first stop on the one hand is the market layout, on the other hand is the brand level of consideration, in Japan’s local brands are also relatively strong in the case of the presence, can do a good brand endorsement for Flower Knows. Baozi told, flowers know this year will also enter the Southeast Asian market.

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