4.5 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, 2 meters high, cute shape, powerful. In recent days, a driverless tractor in Luoyang, Henan Province, has made a big connection. It is understood that this makes many netizens feel curious about the “arable land”, weight of up to 6 tons, charge 6 hours of electricity can plough 50 acres of land.



Meng Meng’s modeling design, with a square “big mouth” and a pair of bright “big eyes”, in terms of face value, this tractor in the industry, absolutely belongs to the fashion, trend of the “leader.”



According to the engineers who developed it, the tractor can be used to drive a farm, which takes almost six hours to charge, and can plough 50 acres of land after each charge. When the tractor is cultivated, the staff will set an arc on the tablet in their hands, and then the tractor will follow the set route, work, the whole process without human intervention.



Tractors run without any difference along the route set in advance by the staff, moving smoothly along the way, with precise and smooth positions. More interestingly, if an obstacle is encountered in the course of arable land, the tractor actively whistles and slows down, then “smartly” bypasses the obstacle and continues along the previous route.



I haven’t seen it, it’s really strange, it’s so smart now. “It looks lovely, and it’s really good to be able to work.” “It’s not expected that in long, a lot of people will be replaced by smart machines.” Driverless tractors on the Internet after the popularity, many netizens have liked, some people also joked: to work hard, if you do not work hard, I am afraid that in the future even no chance to plant land.



The efficiency of ploughing 50 acres in six hours of electricity is not only novel, but also surprising.



In recent times, as driverless tractors have become more popular online, people have often come running with professional equipment to shoot videos and do live broadcasts.

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